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OzGlassArt Studio - Istanbul

About My Studio

OzGlassArt Stained Glass and Fused Glass Studio has been continuing its activities with glass object production and workshops in Istanbul / Turkey since 2018.

With its creative concept, it offers the participants the opportunity to have a pleasant time while working with colorful glasses in both workshops. It also hosts brand new glass designs. The workshop, which produces in the field of glass fusion and stained glass, organizes daily workshops and monthly regular courses for both adults and children.

In addition to corporate customers, the design and production of special design glass products from home and abroad also meet the demands.

About Me.

Glass Artist Özge Özkara was born in 1984 in Istanbul / Turkey.

After graduating from Istanbul University, Department of Journalism, the artist, who started his career, met glass art in Venice Murano in 2017 and started to learn and practice different glass techniques from that day on.

Özge Özkara, who established her own workshop in 2018, works on glass fusion, tiffany stained glass and mosaics.

Özge Özkara - OzGlassArt